Doug Kennedy

10+ years of experience in Technical Direction, 3D Animation, and Visual Effects.
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I have 19 years experience in 3D animation and it’s encompassing fields, I have worked with many different studios with differing pipelines, In this time I have developed proficient Modelling and Surfacing skills, Lighting and Rendering using Metal Ray, Arnold, Redshift and Clarisse. I'm a capable Character Animator and an experienced and creative VFX Animator & VFX TD. I have worked for many years independently with my own company and freelance as a generalist, team lead and VFX sup, I have experience of managing and mentoring teams of artist to deliver the desired aesthetics, high quality, on budget and on time work needed for projects ranging from commercials to large event graphics. My time working independently helped me develop an excellent understanding of a client’s production vision, and the ability to develop these into practical, cost effective solutions in many medias, particularly short animated spots or immersive installations.


10+ years




London, United Kingdom


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